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Every day, our support team responds to inquiries from our customers across the globe. Here are some of their most frequently asked questions – if your question is not covered here please Contact Us.

What is Repair and Go?

Repair and Go is a revolutionary new approach for car repairs. Designed with you in mind repair and go connects you with reliable and professional mechanics in your area, be they garages, mobile mechanics, Recovery, window specialists etc.  We cater for car owners who want to repair their car without the hassle associated with car repairs whilst helping you to save time and money in the process.  What ever your car repair needs we can help.  

How does it work?

It's really simple:

1. post a job-Describe the nature of your repair, your location, and when you'd like to start.
2. You receive quotes from local mechanics that match your repair requirement.
3. Hire the best mechanic - we put you in direct contact with qualified mechanics in your area

4. Provide feedback so that everyone can also know how well your mechanic performed.

How much does it cost?

It is completely FREE to you. However when you hire a mechanic via the repairandgo market place mechanics will require a small deposit in order to qualify the job as been a genuine job and also to secure the appointment.
Therefore please only post REAL and GENUINE jobs.

How do I join?

It is simple to join and you can do so in two ways- either by clicking on the register link and follow the process or you can post a job via the [get quote] link where you will be required to enter the nature of your repair, your location, and when you'd like to start.  It takes less than a minute to join.  We respect your privacy and will only use this information to find you a mechanic for your job.  If you ask us to remove you from our database or stop sending quotes, we will do this immediately. 

I am not a mechanic, so how will I know what is wrong with my car?

Let’s consider a scenario. If you have ever had a break down in the past you would have most likely been asked over the phone by the recovery company, garage or mechanic-What the problem is and/or how it happened? That is often all a mechanic needs to be able to calculate what tools and equipment they need to fix your repair. Mechanics have vast experience of dealing with all kinds of repairs for all kinds of cars and more often than not they will have dealt with your repair issue before, and so know exactly what to do. For instance, if it is to do with window repair. You will simply select the category-window, then you will select the sub category as been one of either a chip, scratch, crack or broken window and describe what lead up to the window incident. The more information you provide, and the more accurate the information the more the mechanic is likely to quote on your repair job and give you an accurate estimation.

What kind of mechanics are there on Repair and Go?

Only those that are willing to deliver a higher quality of service, we take care to attract the right mechanics and only those who are qualified and industry standard approved.  In fact majority of mechanics join us through direct recommendation from other members, others are reference-checked before we allow them to join.  We take time to speak with new applicants and reserve the right to refuse membership.  We suggest their certification of trade associations is up to date, as well as their public liability insurances.

How many quotes can I get?

How long have you got? It is up to you, if your happy with the amount of quote received whether that be three, five or ten then just hire the garage you are happy with by pressing the book now button located under the  [messages] tab or the quotes recived dashboard to the left hand side of your user account.  Once you have booked your job online we will even step in to ensure everything else runs extra smoothly for you.

How do I know when a mechanic has bidded?

You will receive an email notification straight away. You will have to log into your account to view all quotes and details of the mechanic who quoted on your repair job. Once you are happy with the quote provided you click on the book now button where you will be taken to a secure payment page to secure the appointment with the mechanic. After the payment is successful you will receive full contact details of each other information so that you can establish direct contact and get the job done.

What if I change my mind?

That is fine you are under no obligation to accept a quote. You can simply go to your user account and click on [My jobs]. There you will find an (x) button where you can delete the job.

What if I have enough quotes?

Hire the mechanic that best suites your repair requirement and by clicking on the book now button secure the job it will automatically prevent other mechanics from sending further quotes.

What about my privacy?

We absolutely respect your privacy.  We do not share information with external third parties and will only contact you about the jobs you post.

What about feedback to Repair and Go?

We welcome your feedback and views on how we might serve you better, so please do let us know what you think. You can live us a feedback by going on our contact us page or by clicking on the feedback tab on the bottom middle end of the home page.

What if I am not recieving any quote?

Although we try our level best to ensure each and every customer get quotes on their job, there are occasions when few jobs do not get a quote at all but don’t panic this can happen time to time and we always would suggest you provide as much information as possible, the more accurate the better and where ever you can to upload a picture, as a picture tells a thousand words. If all else fails why not upgrade your repair job by clicking on the upgrade button on the left hand side of your user account. This will ensure you repair job remain at the top of search result so that it is easier for mechanics to find you and quote on your job.

What if I change my mind on the repair job I have just posted?

You can delete the job in your user account. Simply go to [my jobs] and click on the (x) button to delete the job.

What if I want to post another job, can I do that?

Of course. Simply log into your user account and click on the [get quote] tab and follow the simple process.

What if mechanics charges me more than what was quoted on the website?

This can happen if you did not give enough information or an accurate description of the problem. It is required that you use your discretion in this situation. For example how much more are they asking for and why? Is it reasonable or justifiable. Only proceed if your happy to do so. You are under no obligation to accept a job. If you decide you do not want to use the mechanic then you can always choose from another quote for free.

I have just had my car repaired, what if I am unhappy with the job?

This is very rare, but if this unfortunate circumstance should occur then please tell us and we will investigate. We will endeavour to resolve the issue as soon as possible at no extra charge to you.

I have just had my car repaired and I am very happy with the result, what do I do now?

Why not live a feedback for the mechanic. Simply log into your account and go to the [feedback] tab and live your feedback rating about the service you received.


If you have any questions or queries that have not been covered on this page, contact us:


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