Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Every day, our support team responds to inquiries from our customers across the globe. Here are some of their most frequently asked questions – if your question is not covered here please Contact us.

What Is Repair and Go?

RepairandGo is a revolutionary online approach for car repairs. It connects you (mechanics) with Car owners/customer looking for what you have to offer. Car owners who have had a problem with their car will post their repair enquiry via the RepairandGo marketplace. You simply search for jobs in the Repair and Go market place and bid for jobs you are interested in. Bidding is Free and it is at the touch of a button

How Does It Work?

It's simple - just 6 easy steps:
1. You register your business, letting us know where you're based, the types of work you do and the distance you're willing to travel.
2. Customers post jobs to the site describing the type of work they want done, address, when they want to start and approximate budget.
4. You choose the job you want to quote for by logging onto the site and clicking the [search repair jobs] tab.  You can then filter the jobs you are interested in and click [bid now] to enter the cost of repair for the customer.
5. Once a customer accepts your bid you will receive email notification where mutual contact details will take place. You are then free to contact each other directly.
6. Obtain feedback from the customer.  Build up your ratings to show new potential customers.

How Much Does It Cost?

Membership - Free.
Email notifications about new jobs - Free.
Bidding and sending quotes – Free

What Are The Benefits To Me?

Advertising online, in newspapers and in printed directories is expensive and may result in only a few customer enquiries.  Repair and Go on the other hand connects you to people who are looking directly for what you have to offer. Unlike traditional advertising where you are doing the chasing for new customers with no or very little resuts with Repair and Go it works the other way round because customer come to you, searching for your business and what you have to offer. Repair and Go delivers REAL jobs to you, you can filter the type of repair you cater for; the distance as well as the type of cars you specialise in. All you need to do is search our repair market place by clicking on the [search repair jobs] tab for recent repair jobs.  Since you only pay a small success fee when you secure a job through the Repair and Go marketplace the service is off no risk to you.

Also, good feedback from local customers will help grow your reputation and boost your business.  Customers will pay a fair price for good quality work from a mechanic they can see has been well-rated by others.  You can focus on the work you want, when you want it.  Over time you'll spend less on traditional marketing and you'll waste less time travelling.

How Do I Join?

We need your email address, name, work address, a contact number, what types of work you'd like to quote for, and how far you want to travel.  Click on the [register] button to join.

Who Can Join As A mechanic?

Only those that are willing to deliver a higher quality of service will benefit, so we take care to attract the right mechanics.  Majority of mechanics join us through direct recommendation from other members; others are credit-checked before we invite them to join.  We take time to speak with new applicants and reserve the right to refuse membership.  We recommend also your certification of trade associations is up to date, as well as your public liability insurances.

How Do I Pay?

Payment is made via  Barclays EPDQ card billing system. You will be taken to a secure page where you can make a payment in strict confidence. 

 Can I Pay By Debit Card?

Yes you can, we accept most debit cards including Maestro, Switch and Solo.

How Do You Publicise Repair and Go?

We advertise nationally, in directories, in the press and on-line.  In addition, mechanics who have been rated can be picked up by search engines (such as Google) which will give you additional publicity.

How Will You Help Me Grow My Business?

We attract customers who are looking for reliable mechanics, and who are willing to pay a fair price for good quality work.  We help you build a meaningful and valuable reputation in your local area: stronger ratings lead to more work and higher earnings for you.

How Do I Know When I've Received A New Enquiry?

When a car owner post a new repair enquiry via the Repair and Go market place you can go to our website at and click on [search repair jobs] table where you can find all the most recent repair enquires or alternatively you may get email notification for jobs posted in your area but we will highly recommend using the first option so as not to miss out on any potential jobs.

How Can I Get More Enquiries?

In your account area there is the option to [upgrade] your account. This set up enable you to  receive jobs as and when they come before any body else does. This puts you in front of the competition where you get first person choice.

How Do I Get A Customer's Contact Details?

When you have quoted for a job if the customer is happy with your quote and chooses you to do the work then it is at that point that mutual contact details exchange will take place.

After I have bidded for a job if I get no response what should I do?

This can happen if your bid is too high or the customer has recieved a better asking price. Those who are happy with your quote will accept your job in which case you will recieve and email notification of the customers contact details. Alternatively if you do not recieve a response it is safe to assume that you have not been chosen for the job and to continue bidding for other repair jobs in the Repair and Go marketplace. Since bidding for jobs is simple and Free you are at no loss

Can I Choose The Work That I Want?

Repair and Go is proud to have a feature that enable you to choose exactly the type of work you are interested in. This ranges from car make and model to repair type and location. Once you are a registered and approved garage you can use the search filters from the [search repair job] tab to filter jobs you are interest in.

How Do I Give A Quote?

First you must be logged onto the website. Simply click on the [search repair jobs] tab. There you will see a list of jobs posted by car owners in order of most recent. Click on [view job details] and press the [bid now] button to send a quote.  

 How Can I Tender For A Job When The Description Is Insufficient? Can I Request More Information?

Yes you can request more information. When you click on the bid now tab. There you will also see a comment box where you can request more information. However we recommend you only use this facility if absolutely necessary.

If you have any further questions that is not covered on this page, please get in touch and we would be happy to help:


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