Code of Practice represents quality, customer care and value for money, and as such we have created our code of conduct that reflects these values in our day to day practices

  • 1 To provide full business details to RepairandGo administrators including ownership, premises, staffing and trade activities.
  • 2 To demonstrate a commitment to deal with customers fairly, courteously and in keeping with good business practice.
  • 3 To notify customers before work is undertaken if the business does not accept particular forms of payment.
  • 4 To deal with complaints from customers within 2 weeks of receiving a complaint.
  • 5 To make parts replaced during service or repair available for inspection by the customer.
  • 6 To comply with the Industry Standard Service checklist on all services and include products that remove contamination.
  • 7 To provide a completed service checklist following the service.
  • 8 To invite customers for feedback to judge and rate the quality of work undertaken.
  • 9 To provide the customer with a good repair and go service record.
  • 10 To display in a prominent position the Repair and Go Code of Conduct.

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