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For Motorists- Find a reliable, recommended local mechanic:

Finding the right mechanics can be time-consuming, especially if you want to get multiple quotes for the same job, phoning around for estimates can be a long winded process. Repair and Go helps you bypass the hassle of finding multiple companies to quote for your repair.

We operate as an online repair marketplace, which means that when you post a job on Repair and Go (free) any of our registered mechanics can quote you a fair price for the repair.

Repair companies compete for the chance to complete your job. It works just like an auction, but in reverse – the more mechanics that quote for your repair request the more the price gets driven down, meaning a cheaper repair service for you.

You don’t have to accept the lowest quote for a repair (there’s no obligation to accept any quotes at all); you can choose the offer that suits you best. You can analyse the mechanic's feedback score and comments left by previous users to understand the level of service expected.

You might ask how the mechanics can afford to carry out jobs for so little, given prices on Repair and Go are typically up to 50% off standard rates. Repair companies use Repair and Go as a way of supplementing their regular full priced contract work and often have have the capacity to win extra business by driving their prices down.

It is far better for you as customer to have the best value for money than pay a high price for a repair that you are unhappy with. Repair and Go was founded on the principle that mechanics can enjoy more work by charging a fair price for their best work for the best interest of their customers.

Repair and Go doesn’t just help you save time and money on repair services, it also helps build confidence and credibility in the repair industry by providing quality customer care and value for money.

When mechanics get extra work through Repair and Go it is helping to build clientele, which helps them make extra money from repair jobs above and beyond their current customer base.

By posting repair jobs on Repair and Go you can help thousands of repair companies provide better value for money by driving costs down to win your business. Better value for money and quality of work means happier customers and fewer break down and ultimately more savings for you.


For Mechanics- the jobs you want, when you want: 

Advertising online, in newspapers and in printed directories is expensive and may result in only a few customer enquiries. 

Repair and Go on the other hand connects you to people who are looking directly for what you have to offer.

Unlike traditional advertising where you are doing the chasing for new customers with Repair and Go it works the other way round because customer come to you, searching for your business and what you have to offer. Repair and Go delivers REAL jobs to you, you can filter the type of repair you cater for; the distance as well as the type of cars you specialise in. All you need to do is search our repair market place by clicking on the [search repair jobs] tab for recent repair jobs.  Since you only pay a small success fee when you secure a job through the Repair and Go marketplace the service is off no risk to you.



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